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I love to go out once and a while, grab a beer after work, meet new people, discover new restaurants, and visit coffee shops and bookstores. Also what is the attitude like in the area? Open and accepting?

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Or conservative and close minded? Last edited by tantan; at It is killing me that no one has replied to this! I don't have much to say, but I couldn't just leave you hanging there. I don't know New Rochelle well, but I do believe that there is some nightlife there and in White Plains. But you'll probably want to go into the city a lot. In my experience, people are extremely open--and at worst indifferent--about sexual orientation.

We have a few gay neighbors and they are simply part of the community.

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As for a gay social scene, I got curious and did a google search. There is a gay bar in New Rochelle and here's a link to a gay and lesbian center in white Plains: Thanks for your help! I was surprised by the lack of response as well.

Here's a look at some Gay groups near White Plains.

If anyone else has any more information, that would be great!! I know. Not much there, its great in NYC but who does not know that. Anyway I posted an ad here maybe it will interest you The house is in the town of Windham. I would imagine that you will find Westchester much more accepting than Utah. It is a very liberal area.

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In terms of nightlife, there is way more in NYC but Westchester has some nice eateries and bars. Young people tend to hang out in White Plains. You won't be totally bored but for real excitement head to the city. I have a few gay male friends and they head straight down into NYC. There is not much of a gay nightlife up in Westchester County. I 'm gay and have lived in New Rochelle, city island and larchmont my whole life I know several other gay guys around here too I've always felt comfortable living with my partner in these basically suburban neighborhoods Westchester isn't really all that gay.

I'd say go to Rockland. It's gay paradise. We have a one bedroom open in Windham.

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WE ride in Windham and wish to have someone use our spare room. Late 30's and 40's. Hi guys thanks for looking at my profile work in progress. ITs been awhile still looking into grad school and working being an adult is interesting.

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What a few years it has been!! Thought I would give this another chance. Currently in Chicogo living in the Loop for about a mont Has to be confident visited 3 states 1. I'm a good-natured guy who loves to laugh practically above ALL else and spends a lot of enjoyable evenings alone, though I am outgoing as well and am quite a committed "chamelion," with an improv actor's ability to rapidly transition into an "fun" feller looking for a good laugh with friends and pe Someone who would want to chat to see if we have some good laughs, maybe just be buds, maybe more.

Came out after I was No same-sex relations until then. Too much information? As Gnostic Bishop Stephan Hoeller once relayed about what he would like to say to someone who says, imperrsonatin Im highly active, rock climbing, tennis, swimming, triathlons, lifting ect. Im artistic, I study math, and im a jock but very lean. Ask me if you have any questions: Thanks for looking at my profile, first im new to this site and not really sure how it works so im just gonna feel it out.

Im a real guido, I don't mind that word, im everything Italian, jersey shore mature edition lol. Im in the entertainment business and I do pretty well for myself, ,my schedule i First im looking for a dime, nickels are all over my doorstep, your under 30? I don't want a vegetarian or a even worse a vegan, I like to eat and I want you to be able to enjoy it.

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Someone that isn't afraid to be seen with someone, that's no fun for either of us. I don't care if y Don't be shy! Message me with your questions regarding safer sex, gay men's health, and testing! I perform testing and prevention services for guys all over the Lower HUdson Val Quick Search.

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