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Big Star gets owned by theme parks rides. Captain Liamoira Melbeck stages a stealthy approach.

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Dregg fights a father. Sasha Grier is Spartacus. Austin Yorski: Chris "RolloT" Larios: Conrad Zimmerman: Laura Kate Dale: Lauren Morgan: Michael "Skitch" Schiciano: OC ReMix The siege of Drift Park begins. Big Star haunts some protestors. Captain Liamoira Melbeck talks about her parents. Dregg swears to steal a baby.

Sasha Grier meets an admirer. The sun arc comes to a close, as the Bastards strike a deal with Volhard. Big Star acknowledges his past crimes.

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Captain Liamoira Melbeck appreciates her fellow pilot. Dregg duels to protect his friend. Sasha Grier learns the secret of the Mothman. Overclocked Remix: Smooth McGroove: The Musical Ghost: Lauren has the Cassius disease, so the party flashes back to another time when Sasha was out of the picture: Captain Liamoira Melbeck makes a sticky cocktail. Doctor Olivia Adler creates a jacuzzi. Dregg fights a rowdy rematch.

Sasha Grier goes on a date. Kajita the sun dragon is willing to destroy entire worlds to erase evidence of the Maxwells. The Bastards must risk it all to stop him. Big Star hesitates to mind meld. Captain Liamoira Melbeck relives some smooches. Dregg loses control of a lie.

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Sasha Grier asks for some trust. Markov's sole star holds a lepidopteran secret. Only the sun dragon Kajita knows how to brave its obliterating fires. Big Star floats an assassination plan. Captain Liamoira Melbeck schedules a dragon date.

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Dregg trades weapons for access. Sasha Grier learns something of planetary proportion. Big Star fires his new laser. Captain Liamoira Melbeck vaporizes some construction workers. Dregg double botches. Sasha Grier investigates a UFO. Half the party searches for the exit to Compassion's godly realms, while the other half searches for the Form intersecting with the physical world.

Violence ensues. Captain Liamoira Melbeck rolls insight on the universe. Olivia Adler creates a tiny hut. Dregg refuses to fight back. Sasha Grier investigates government trees. A party split complicates the infiltration of Compassion's ascetic headquarters. Captain Liamoira Melbeck embraces her divine spirit.

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Olivia Adler spares the dying. Dregg creates a bathroom brawl. Sasha Grier mindjacks a monkey. We continue the long tradition of downtime sessions that vacillate wildly between funny and sad. Then the players design their own mechs. Captain Liamoira Melbeck goes on a chilly little hunt. Olivia Adler cuts a trade deal with the mob. Dregg discovers a weapon cache with a troubling source.

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Sasha Grier searches for Mothman inside a treacherous moon. It's the holiday season! In space! How do holidays work in space?

No one knows. Here's what we do know: Captain Liamoira Melbeck searches for a swamp slob. Olivia Adler competes at high stakes trivia. Dregg does not appear, because Conrad did not record his scene. Sasha Grier honors a traditional aarakocra celebration. Captain Liamoira Melbeck makes peace with police. Olivia Adler explains her backstory.

Dregg faces his family. Sasha Grier dips her girlfriend. The Bastards arrest Vinny Caravella and learn what happened to Noble. Captain Liamoira Melbeck plays croquet. Olivia Adler shields Courage. Dregg puts on a handsome suit. Sasha Grier lies about cryptids. A missing pilot holds the key to the death of Noble the reigar. Finding him will be tougher than expected though, as a bloody power struggle sets Pell-3 ablaze.

Captain Liamoira Melbeck lays down the law. Olivia Adler aids the enemy. Dregg gets recognized. Sasha Grier repeatedly tries to explode dudes. Who will be promoted to first mate?

When will the team learn of the secret operation to take down the Caravella crime family? What happened to Noble the reigar? Pell-3 holds the answers. Captain Liamoira Melbeck smooches an alien. Olivia Adler appreciates art. Dregg squares up at fight club. Sasha Grier rolls to hold hands. Peace with the illithids is within reach and Invicta's plans were foiled, but downtime is still no picnic. Clashes over leadership style, duplicitous allegiances, and bloody vendettas keep the tension high.

Captain Liamoira Melbeck delivers a shady package. Olivia Adler advances the food project. Sasha Grier faces a worm and a wyrm. Elizabeth Bohr is poised for a killing blow. Even if the Bastards defeat her Greyhound, they still have to contend with the leader of Invicta: Colonel Cassius Pire. Captain Liamoira Melbeck faces death with shotgun blasts.

Olivia Adler invents a smooth jazz persona. Dregg reveals his ace pilot skills. The poachers have been identified and their plan is clear: Our heroes will need some mechs of their own to drive off Invicta. Captain Liamoira Melbeck shoots a dude's face off. Olivia Adler stays behind with the hostage.

Dregg employs olfactory warfare.