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Profoundly sad, with beautiful, complex, sympathetic performances across the board. It was groundbreaking to see a mainstream film with big name stars approach a gay romance in such an authentic, sensitive manner, and Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are both exceptional. If the number of tears that I shed while watching this are any measure of its greatness, well, this is a bona fide masterpiece. A special film with a legendary pedigree in class of its own. Like a limited edition Gaultier Bra.

A story that says more about life and living life to the full than a thousand hollow promises the heterosexual world could offer. Utterly bizarre. Utterly beautiful. The weirdest and most wonderful gay love story ever told. The final encounter between the hero, searching for his lost lover, and the tiger, is completely hypnotic. One of the best films about the Thatcher era — what it meant, how it shaped contemporary life and how its values might be challenged or reworked.

LA never looked lovelier; I never smiled so wide. Everything you need to know about the cruelty of love in two hours. So savage.

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So perfect. As with many of my favourite gay films, the specifics of sexuality are never an issue in Petra von Kant, leaving room for a universal exploration of how capricious love can be.

Beautiful Thing has peppermint foot lotion. Show Me Love has chocolate milk.

I remember this having a profound effect on me when I first saw it. The queering of gender seemed an impossible dream at the time, only something in movies! Quite simply the best film touching on human sexual life of any kind. The original and best. A film that fuses art cinema with historical narrative. Langston revels in its underground credentials while also reminding us that Black is Beautiful.

A witness to how we were once outlaws and warriors of desire. Adorable and tender love story portraying a rare optimism about gay relationships which was long-awaited, and something of a game-changer. A sexy parallel universe populated by naked male bodies and ruled by erotic abandon.

10 Great LGBT Movies to Stream on Netflix

Whilst its limits are tested, and its dangers are exposed, it is never judged. Rather, it is a meticulously crafted yet surprisingly tender exploration of queer desire, love, affection and community. Intoxicatingly strange, this is Pasolini at his most visionary, Stamp at his most magnetic. Dunye played Dunye, and Richards was her note-perfect invention.

The Watermelon Woman made history. If ever there was a queer film that tells it like it is when it comes to finding out our ways to be real; this is it. Simple distilled emotion gets full on treatment in this taught family drama. It shows how much we all want to be free. A joyously sexy, almost psychedelic collection of stories featuring the fabulous beauty of Bobby Kendall in this hugely influential self-produced film by James Bidgood.

A miracle of low-budget filmmaking and artistry.

10 Best Gay Movies on Netflix - Great LGBT Movies to Stream Now

With intelligence, sensitivity and honesty, Sunday, Bloody Sunday explores an emotional, bisexual triangle, involving three people in a painful search for love and happiness. Beautifully understated and ambiguous, this quiet, gentle film about a year-old grappling with uncertainties of gender identity is pitch-perfect and deeply affecting. All voters and votes: Find out what over critics, writers and programmers voted for in our poll to celebrate 30 years of BFI Flare: Friday 11 March Read more.

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