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He spends his fuck checks buying cheap monogram print bags to look rich in the socialite scene but nobody really knows who this kid is. His choice of transport to his brothel? Greyhound busses.

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Its time for Vancouver to know the truth about this little sloot and his loose hole. Or, he could clean up, put on a few pounds and try out for a boy-band. Or acting. Better yet, if he has a good brain go back to school! Something about this kid brings out the mother in me. Other comments are cruel and jealous. Braydon, take good care.

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Hold your head high. Be safe.

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This is a child. Why are people being so mean? I hope you are doing well Braydon.

I would take him out for a meal… and ask for nothing in return. Why not? Is it so hard to be nice to a fellow human being? IF these things that are being said about him are true, he needs compassion not judgment. Male or female prostitutes both do. As well as those suffering from addiction. Compassion people! How about you skeezy, nosy little trash talkers get a life of your own instead of sitting around stewing in your own inadequacy and plotting how your can sabotage the lives of others, who are, in their own way, achieving more success albeit seedily and morally corrupt than you!

This definitely has some credence why would someone go out of their way to dream this up. I know some personal things about you Braydon and it matches up with this info.

Be clean boy you should be better than this. Haha we made a fake profile on grindr and proposistioned braydon to have sex with the profile we made up of a 58 year old entrepeneur! He totally bit the bait and was ready to grease his lips! That nose though!

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  • My god! So may people seem to corroborate somewhat similar stories of your life, hope this is a learning stone for you and hopefully gives you a chance to realize what kind of person you are. Better yourself. He is 17… He told me he was 19 and he gave me head in my car. Then asked if I did blow I was like um no ew. So happy I never met him again.

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    Who sounds like a classic case of abuse-driven Borderline Personaloty Disorder. This kid is clearly extremely distressed and in need of help. Very sad that someone went out of their way to post untrue and raunchy lies about me! I put in a request for removal but so far no luck. The comments are just the cherry on top! My friend big bud and Kimbo met this guy through Josh Boden, apparently he swallows too and likes it up the cutter.

    S C U M of Vancouver right here. Of course he suggested the most expensive restaurant his little brain could think of, and left immediately after dinner. Add more photos. By checking this checkbox, I hereby indicate that I have read and understood and agree to be bound by The Dirty's Terms of Service. Pulldown to refresh You can let go now Refreshing!

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