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Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Next Slide. We both have talked about what a great couple we would be. I know that our relationship wouldn t have sex. But can a relationship function without sex. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?


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Have you ever heard of a "beard? You'd be his beard. The main problem here is not the sex, it's the emotions involved. You're in love with him. He will never be in love with you because he is not just sexually attracted to males, but as a gay guy he is romantically attracted to only males as well. You'd be investing WAY more than him into the relationship. A relationship built on unrequited love is not healthy sweetheart.

He's not for you. He just wants cuddles and warmth. He can get what he wants from your or from a teddy bear, but he can never give you what YOU want. Go date someone who loves you too, you'll be much happier in the long run! Add a comment.

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A relationship can definitely function without sex as a relationship is built on trust, respect, loyalty, and most importantly, love. I honestly wouldn't suggest asking him out.

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If he says yes, it's probably because he's trying to stay in the closet and date a girl, and that's not true love because deep down inside he really wants to be with a guy. As an openly gay guy, I know that it's hard to stay in the closet so we usually date girls to help stay in the closet when we're ready, but that only hurts us more, and when we break up with those girls, it hurts both the girl and the guy.

My last girlfriend I broke up with telling her I was coming out and I was fully gay and she cried for 3 days and to this day, I feel bad about that, that happened about 5 years ago. So I'm telling you this out of my experience, and the experience of every other gay guy I know, don't ask him out.

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If he asks you out, remember, he's gay and it's probably not the best idea. I was mad about a gay man once My current guy is bi It works for me.